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Alaturka Restaurant

5 (1,119 Ratings)
26 KM

Am Mühlenbach

5 (296 Ratings)
17 KM

Amalfi il Ristorante

5 (315 Ratings)
26 KM


5 (242 Ratings)
1 KM

Begopa Korean Kitchen

5 (353 Ratings)
0 KM

Bistro am Park

4 (13 Ratings)
15 KM


4 (1,996 Ratings)
15 KM

Cafe Restaurant Schwarz

5 (622 Ratings)
29 KM

Café Safran

5 (209 Ratings)
1 KM

Ciao Bella Köln Arcaden

5 (36 Ratings)
62 KM


4 (579 Ratings)
26 KM

D´Aquila Restaurant Wuppertal

5 (227 Ratings)
25 KM

El Jamón

5 (385 Ratings)
26 KM


5 (102 Ratings)
0 KM

100 Restaurants, Cafés and more in Bochum

Welcome to the category of dining and drinks for families with children in Bochum! Here, you will find a diverse selection of restaurants, cafés, and beer gardens specially tailored to the needs of families and children.

Whether it's a café to take a break and enjoy a snack or a restaurant where you can have a lovely meal with your family – on this page, you'll find the best selection of restaurants, cafés, and beer gardens in Bochum and its surroundings! Moreover, this overview page provides you with all the essential information you need, from directions, opening hours, and price estimates to a brief description of the location and various reviews from other parents.

In addition to this information, you can limit your search according to your requirements and preferences using the filtering function. For example, you can filter by cafés or choose a specific region in Bochum. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to quickly get an overview of various restaurants so that you can find the best-suited location in Bochum for you and your family, where you can spend a delightful time together.

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